Subject: Complaint about my trip starting with KL6149/ 9th September, JFK-BRU – Lali Sikharulidze

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to you to complain about my recent, very unpleasant experience flying with Delta/KLM.

As a birthday present, my family bought me a 5-day trip to Europe, and purchased Economy – Comfort due to my medical conditions.

I arrived at JFK on September 9th three hours ahead of schedule for flight 6140 JFK-BRU, departing from Terminal 1 at 8pm.
At registration, I was directed to go to Terminal 4.
The agent there could NOT find my reservation in the system. After considerable wait and confusion by personnel it was now
20 minutes before departure, the agent then told me to run to Terminal 2.
When I asked if I would make the flight, the agent said " It depends on how fast you run."

Amazingly, the same problem occurred with Flight # KL 1726 from Brussels on the return.
I came to the airport three hours before the flight and the Delta KLM agent told me that I did not have a ticket in the system.
They sent me to customer service, and after 2 1/2 hours, they located my record. Again, I rushed for the flight.
In Amsterdam, the boarding pass directed me to gate 7F where, after a long wait, I discovered that this gate was serving passengers flying to Hong Kong.
Again they could not find my information and sent me to customer service. Twenty five minutes before the flight, I was swwent to gate 70
once again running there, with my medical disabilities, to barely make the flight KL0643.
Yet again, my Comfort seat which I paid for was gone and, despite my medical problems, I was seated in row 43, by now in severe pain.

To add to the insulting service, of course upon my return to JFK my luggage was lost, and despite being in pain from the uncomfortable flight, I had to again wait and fill out forms to file a claim for my luggage. I received my luggage the following evening.

I am extremely disappointed with the service I received, or lack thereof, and the incompetency, which caused me to run around and be stressed, while in poor health.
I paid extra money to purchase comfort seats to ensure a proper environment for my health conditions, and instead, I almost ended up in the hospital!
I find this absolutely unacceptable and demand adequate compensation.


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