Corporate offices keep mailed in layaway payments too long. When they finally do reach the right Kmart location you already received phones calls or emails saying your late with your payments. Which they say your account is past due or delinquent. It has happened to me twice both have been paid or will be. This problem needs to be fix right now either through corporate offices or your Kmart chains. Please in the future when an account has been paid in full… Then you get a check for that same account and you apply it the some other account the same customer has please notify them before doing this. No one contacted me on this matter. (it was written out for the wrong amount for my current layaway). I'm still waiting to if they get my check for the right amount that recently sent for my current account or if they lost that too or can't found it at least that is what corporate offices say. If you don't correct your problems now your only asking for more problems later. Or you will have less customers.
PS I always write out the current amount and the contract numbers on my checks My bank was called.
It would nice if employees would recite current contract numbers especially when talking about more then one account over the phone. My payments are always sent in plenty of time.

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