I bought a oven for $299.00 because it was the cheapest in town. The new house I bought I didnt look the oven situation over good, but its gas not electric. 2 days after I bought it I called the store manager and she said I needed authorization from their main office. 11 time I called and never got a return call. The oven is still in my garage, still wrapped like it was in the store I never got it out. I screwed up and got busy moving and all thats involved. Never got a call. So I called the store manager again and she said its been longer than 30, she was sorry and freaking hung up on me. 10 days past the 30 days and when I first noticed it wouldnt work, I looked on line and it said 90 days, but yes, the receipt says 30. Rainman was right, Kmart sucks. I go to one of the biggest colleges in missouri and I have a big mouth. I am trying to sell my other home, so as a nice gester I was going to fill it with the cheapest quality of furniture on the market, so I was going to give kmart some more business but I would rather put my oven out front, take the woodent patio set I bought from them this last summer, cut it all up and build me a fire on the oven and go to walmart and buy me some hotdogs amd marshallows and just have my self a good ole time. Oh yeah, I could also use some of that outdated warm beer i bought from the BIG K too. Hell, I know about 200 people at the lake, I might put this oven in my little bass boat to cook with as a joke, and when people laugh at me I will tell them, well, i was going to take it back to KMART and get me a small Coleman but they wouldn't take it back, so buy gosh I will just hang around you guys and if you catch something, bring it to me, I will cook it right here, but bring it to the back of the boat where I have my paddles, because I cant get around the oven to get to my seat to start the motor… Hey yeah guys, go around this way. I had to go to Walmart and get a 1000 ft 220 extension cord that I have strung all the way back to the dock.

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