I have wasted so much time trying to find a place to give feedback. You must be tired of hearing poor reviews on such a poor run company. We use to shop the store in west valley Utah, on the corner of redwood Rd and 4100 S. I say use to because of poor customer service and absolutely unacceptable management. Today my wife visited the store after seeing two items in the current ad we received in the mail. She was looking for a dish washer and a microwave. She didn't know which ones were the sale ones so she asked at the front desk and was told we don't get the ads at the store so we don't know what's on ad. She then asked to speak to a manager and the lady said I am the manager and I don't know what is in the ads sent to the homes. I have managed for years and if I had a manager that dumb to think that the store management would not be aware of a current ad she would be gone the next day. If your company is that poorly run I would be ashamed to work for them. Probably the reason you are closing stores around the country. At any rate this is my experience and when I run into this I shop elsewhere.

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