I ordered four or five things on layaway. It took quite a while to be able to find items that were even available for layaway, but after about an hour or so of my time, I was able to find a few items. I checked out. The items were now on layaway after checking out. My first payment wasn't die until November 14th… So today November 13th… I attempt to pull up the information. Nothing is available. I go to my email. On the 3rd, Kmart sent an email that said that they wanted me to now URGENTLY confirm that I REALLY wanted the items that I spent an hour of my time picking out. Well, since I hadn't seen the email, on the 6th they emailed back to kindly let me know that they canceled my whole layaway order because I had picked popular items. This is a horrible way to do business. The first and last time I will EVER purchase from Kmart. I mean seriously! Why in the world would I waste an hour of my busy day picking this stuff out.

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