I purchased a MasterCard gift card at Kmart and did notice the fine print on the packet containing the card there was $3.95 activation fee to be added to the card price.

I tried to return the card not more than 10 minutes after the purchase in the store. I was told at customer service that their return policy did not allow returns of gift cards. The return policy was posted on the wall behind the customer service counter. It did not contain anything about being unable to return a gift card.

I asked to speak with a manager, the manager said it was the cash register system that would not allow the return. She even tried to make the return and their system would not accept the return. It is not my fault their system would not accept the return, there should be away around this problem.

I just wonder how many more items that their system will not allow to be returned.

For what is worth, I have filed BBB, a complaint my state's consumer protection agency in the attorney general office, and consumer complaint with The Federal Trade Commission.

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