I was in there friday about 8 in the evening go to open my lay way the lady that helped me was very nice and professional 2 minutes later go check my other items out waited in line for 10 minutes after cashier seen she was dealing with a difficult customer she tell me to go to customer service to check out I approached the desk the woman that walked by the line as I waited in line 2 or 3 walk directly to customer service and checked out I get to the desk and she tell me I have to go wait in line I told her the lady told me to come check out here she said well we don't check out here that's what the cashiers are there to do and she went on and on I guess trying to argue I believe it was a race issue because the woman that didn't even wait in a line was checked out with no complaints then I got a arguments from someone that I guess suppose to be like a Manger even as I walked back over to the line to check out she even came over there to continue fussing about the line I have dealt with kmart for over 15 years and the service have always been great in cleveland everyone was friendly despite color and I moved to canton ohio their service is very poor the ladies have racial issue that show and their attitudes is horrible if they can't treat everyone equally their in the wrong business

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