Is the real number to call. This number is no good. KMART deserves to be out of business. The way they treat people especially the elderly is horrible. My mother was treated like she did something wrong after something fell on her foot off the top shelf. Let me add she paid for her own xrays and dr bill because the manager in the seneca, sc store had her so upset and scared after she made a report that she didn't want to say anything else. Now this Patricia lady from the company that handles there claims at 847-645-0959 is calling mom telling her that her claim is fraud. My mother never once went back in there or called them and said anything to them at all. This is after 2 other phone calls of them just being down right mean and rude to her. I'm sorry you do not treat people this way especially the elderly. Yes I put names and numbers in here because i really hope I can get them to leave her alone. I really want something done with the looser manager in seneca, sc store and this patricia lady who thinks she can just talk to people like they are dirt.

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