N 11/05.2015 I received and email stating that my package was ready for pickup at Kmart. That was funny because I ordered through Sears. I got to Kmart at 6:15 pm. I walked up and said I have a package to pick up.
Word being (package). I gave Samantha my drivers license and she looked it up. Mind you I had just order something else and was waiting on a call to pick that package up. When Samantha came back she said you have (2) boxes. I was like, that was fast also on the boxes it said Deborah Clark not Wanda Clark. Samantha did not have me open them in front of her. Nothing. I took the boxes back to my car and opened them up. Well one box was mind and the other box was a Deborah Clark also, let's keep in mind my name is Wanda. So I went Sears on my phone and seen that the order had not been processed. I went back into the Kmart and I tried to give the box back to Samantha and she refused she said that is your and you take. I said this is not me I also showed her the information on the packing slip. She tried to do a return. NO, this is another Debra's box. She said along with her manager you have to take this over to Sear where you purchased it. So off to Sear I went.inside Sear I went to customer service and explain to them that this is not my package the is another Debra Clark. They call Kmart spoke with Samantha and told her this is not her package all she was trying to do was give it back. I had the sale mgr. At Sear make sure all the items were there initial the packing slip and seal the box. So back to Kmart I go. Walked in Kmart saw Samantha and she said sorry I misunderstood you. I had the store mgr. And Samantha check the box again to make sure everything was there and now Kmart has the box and the items in it.
This is my concern. The customer… Meaning me had to do the running back and forth to make sure the right person got the right box. Another thing what if the other Deborah came in to get her box and took mind. Would she have return the box… Hum… I did not get home that night until 8:00 pm. Truthfully this was not my fault. No compensation given. Nothing but OH!!!

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