Recently I purchased a Halloween t-shirt after Halloween at the Festus, MO store. I didn't try it on as I had no time and was in a hurry. The shirt was too large, and I did have my receipt. I had never had a reason to return seasonal merchandise before and was not aware of the return policy, the one that states Kmart will not take back seasonal merchandise after that holiday has occurred. I went to the return desk, and the clerk told me she couldn't take the shirt back because of their policy. I asked her where that information was, and she showed me the banner above the desk. REALLY? Why couldn't that information be on the receipt? Why didn't the display signs say "All after Halloween sales final?" I will still shop at Kmart, but will be very careful to buy holiday merchandise after the holiday. I believe this is a very poor practice. The least you could do is inform shoppers by either putting your holiday return policy on the receipt, printing "All Sales Final" on the merchandise displays, or have check-out personnel tell the shopper up front that the after holiday merchandise they are purchasing is non-returnable. I can't believe Kmart is this sloppy. You need to address this problem. I'm sure I'm not the only one to complain about this situation.


Claudia Gillam

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