This store has the WORST return policy EVER! I agree with someone who wrote that we get so much email from KMART, but never were informed about the horrible new return policy. BEWARE if you buy someone a gift from here. They can't even exchange it for a different size without a receipt and if the receipt is over 28-30 days old forget about an exchange, you're stuck with it. Even if ypur child really needed a bigger size and they physically have the same EXACT one in the store; you are still stuck with the useless smaller size. Even if your tag says KMART on it; they cannot verify that it was purchased there is what they say! Do they think we spend time replicating tags just so that we can exchange a pair of pajamas for a different size that is currently being sold in the store? Thanks for making my child cry KMART! I usually buy a lot of my Christmas gifts from here, but not this year! I'm taking my business elsewhere! I guess that's why all the KMarts are going out of business.

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