Went to the kmart on hwy 51 charlotte n c today to get watch battery c hanged and do sme shopping. It was about 1:15 pm. Very few people in the store. No one in jewelry dept. So I approached an employee who was standing and talking to another employee to get some one. No one came after 5 min. I ahain approached same chatting emplyees. They said they would get some one. A harried looking woman came over and started pulling out drawers and calling out to me that she can not help me due to no keys. I told her she might not need keys I just need a watch battery… She saoid she did notknow how, this is not her dept. I asked if she could find someone who could. Another woman ce over and said she would not change it if I did not buy it there. I explained to her I did but the watch is as bout 15 yrs old and I do not still have my receipt. She again in a rude tone demanded did I buy it there. I have llived in 5 states and told her no, I can not even remember what state I got it in but it was kmart and I have always gotten it changed there. She was so rude I told her to forget it, that I would go somewhere else. She smiled, smugly and said FINE!!! This is not the customer service KMart advertises. When you go out of business this will be one of the reasons why. People like me will take their business elsewhere, just like I did and will never come back.

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