I have been having print quality issues with Office 2170. Followed online on how to resolve, and was told I needed a printhead. Then received an email stating that as a goodwill gesture, they would be sending one at no charge. I just needed to respond with my address. Good deal, right? Unfortunately, it never arrived. Two weeks later I called. The customer service rep would not answer my question as to the status of the ordered printhead and kept insisting we go through the whole process of ascertaining what the problem was.

I kept repeating I had already done this. Finally I simply hung up. Called back later. Was told it never went out. Was told that I did not respond to a second email asking for the date of purchase and location of purchase. I never received this email and it was never asked in my phone conversation so clearly it was not needed. When you call Kodak, you call India. Reps are extremely hard to understand with heavy accents. So tired of calling overseas to get someone with bad English that just keeps repeating the same phrases and never really answers questions!

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