I bought a pair of pajamas for my son and used my Kohl's cash. Once I got home I realized they were too small. I returned to Kohl's to exchange the pajamas but they did not have even 1 pair that was the same pajamas so I picked out another pair that was actually a few dollars more. I took them up to customer service to exchange them and just pay the difference and she tried to charge me the entire amount of the purchase. I asked why it was so much and she stated because I lost my Kohl's cash. I asked why because I am not returning only exchanging and actually paying more. She said I would have to purchase the exact same pair to keep my Kohl's cash. I explained I am not returning or I would understand losing the Kohl's cash but exchanging. I showed her the back of the Kohl's cash and it does not state anything on there about exchanging the item and losing your Kohl's cash and that it has to be the exact same item.

This is misleading and they just find ways to take your Kohl's cash right back from you. The back of the Kohl's cash only outlines a return. If they keep up these unfair practices they will soon face class action lawsuits. To top it off the customer service rep was so rude and laughed in my face. From reading reviews and complaints they really need to focus on their customer service and how to treat customers. They also need to outline their policies vs. Making them up as they go along.

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