I had a payment scheduled for $75 and wanted to increase it to $100. When I tried to make the $100.48 payment for November 4th 2015 it wouldn't let me submit it. I tried several times so I decided I would change the date to November 3rd. I submitted and it was accepted. I checked my bank account and seen 2 payments to Kohl's on the 3rd and on the 4th. I called to let them know that I didn't mean to make 2 payments. It wouldn't submit the first payment so I changed the date and payment accepted. I was transferred at least three times and was thinking each time they were telling me I was going to get this taken care of. I was getting a payment back. The third person I spoke to spoke to their supervisor who come back and told me I scheduled that payment on the 17th of October so they couldn't give me my money back.

I asked to speak with her supervisor Sam who told me that if I was over $100 they could send it back but since I wasn't over they could not send it back. The system wouldn't let them. I told her, "I was disabled not ignorant, if you can send back my money if I was over you can send it back now." Sam kept refusing with excuses so I told her, "Just cancel my card, doesn't make sense. I would make 2 payments out of one check on two consecutive days." I wasn't trying to screw them over. There was just a mistake made and I believe it was on their website. She said she was sorry there was nothing she could do. I told her again to cancel my credit card. I will send her $0.67 the balance I owed. She actually said, "But you won't get any more discounts in the mail." I told her, "If this is the customer service I have to deal with I do not want this card."

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