In the Waynesboro Virginia Kohl's Store, coupon rules changed in the middle of a few transactions. Milton (I believe his name was) is far professional, to raise his voice to another customer and say you cannot use more than one of the $10 off $25, on separate transactions. His only duty at that time was to direct people to the next register. Since they have opened, I have been a very frequent customer and so has my mother, whom I was shopping with. I have never run into anyone with that attitude before. You can say the same thing with a smile on your face and have it go over so much better, but instead, the whole time he stood there while we were in line, he looked like he was frustrated because they were busy. When I posted on Facebook to warn others, they were unaware of the change, also. Oddly, this was our second spending spree in there yesterday, as we finished and paid, went to lunch and then came back and there were no issues with using a 10 off 25 for multiple purchases on our trip an hour prior, nor during the beginning of this trip.

The employees didn't know the rule, even! I asked the girl checking me out if you are allowed to use multiple times with separate transactions and she said yes. I proceeded to do so, until Milton was watching and came over to us to correct her. I asked if he was management and she said no. I asked for a manager and over he came. He said that people were making copies off off of the internet and using multiple, so they don't allow it anymore, yet I can do separate orders and line and it works. So is it a corporate rule? If so, how would they control it is people came in on different days that it was valid or came in with extra people to shop with them? I have always school, Christmas and work clothes shopped there. I had picked out items, based upon how much they would be and then was told in the middle of transactions that I could not use them anymore. I have shopped there twice this week, but that will be rare from this point forward. I am very disappointed!

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