On Oct. 12 I noticed my bank account had been charged twice for the amount of $19.45. I only owed $19.45. I called Kohl's Customer Service Line. What a mistake. The young man who spoke with a foreign accent repeatedly told me I HAD to CONTACT my bank to have the adjustment made. I repeated what he told me, thinking his command of English might not be that good. I also said if a refund could not be made by Kohl's I would like a Credit made to my account. He repeated that I had to call my Bank.
Well I notified my bank, they made the adjustment. Now Kohl's want me to pay $19.45 for a "returned check fee". They say that I owe them this amount unless it was their fault. I am so disgusted, I shredded my card and wrote a letter to Corporate. It will probably be shredded too.

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