So I was a complete idiot today, wasted about R1000 because somehow I got it
in my head somehow that I was flying to cape town from OR Tambo, so an hour before my
flight I had my car picked up from departure, and was walking towards the self-help terminals to
check in, but moments later I realize what a huge mistake I had made, with no
time left to do much about anything I attempt to buy a new ticket or consult the ticket booth on my options. As I get to the counter, I have to mention, am to only one standing there, behind the counter are at least 8 employees, doing as far as I can tell nothing, and you should check airport
cameras if you don’t believe me.
Not a single one of them seems to even want to talk to me as they keep on ignoring me, I try and
speak up a bit, after a bit one lady feigns to listen and before I even finish speaking she just
points me to the next person, so I head over to the next counter, and what do you know the lady I was pointed to, just sends me back to the first lady, now just know that they are literally a half meter
from each other, so I get back to the first lady, she ignores me again, since I have less
than an hour left before my flight, and no one seems to even care that I am standing there,
no smiles, no interest, no customer service, no attempt to even pretend to want to help or
hear this silly person out, I start to kind of speak up a bit more, the guy that is right
in front of me, then speaks up. "Sorry for not listening" he says, but looks to his right and
first finishes a conversation with his co-worker, not in any hurry. After a while he starts
talking to me again. We get to a point where he starts giving me the prices on an already paid-for ticket, I ask if there is anyway I can get refunded, the price I could get back is supposedly
only the airport tax on the ticket, which he says will be around R220, but since it’s not even
some kind of real tax I will most probably get less, I end up asking for flights the following day,
and say I’ll take the next day flight for R500 more, "will you please confirm your booking", again
like a dumb ass I say yes to the question, meaning that I will look at the details, but he already
takes my money and confirms the flight, I decide not even 5 seconds later that i don’t want the flight,
I’d rather keep my money, but the deal is done, I can’t get anything, no refund on a sale that was just made, it is impossible, and I receive 50c back, and a very demeaning attitude from the guy, so I start to get a bit upset and I tell him thanks for fucking nothing, stealing my money and what do I have to show for it? 50c and another ticket I can’t really use.

Besides this story, I am baffled at what’s going on with airport taxes. How is it that we can reverse just about anything these days, I mean even freaking house loans get reversed, yet an airplane ticket bought 1 minute again can’t be done anything about.

You guys are the worst. your service sucks, your employees are disrespectful, they seem to not give a crap
about anyone, beside me losing most of my money today, i will tell everyone that it was my fault for what
happened but for as long as I live I will never ever say anything good about kaklula, I will tell everyone I can about your terrible service, how you screw people over, on social media, at functions, at work, everywhere I go I will tell everyone that you are the worst. I hate your company. I hope you guys burn to the ground and go out of business. Fuck you kaklula, I’d rather walk than ever fly with your shitty poor excuse for a service. the worst of the worst, they don’t run a business they run a client abuse service.
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