Took my car in for a major service with AutoCrew fourways, drove the car off the workshop floor, and 6Km's later, the car cut out on the side of the highway…. So much for a brand that's slogan is apparently ''Rely on Us'' Thus this was only the beginning on a horrible experience that began, next thing I notice, the engine is smoking, the car was not smoking when I took it in. They claimed it was an oil leak, and I paid them to fix the oil leak. I pick up the car from the workshop and again, the car starts smoking, return it, they fix it again. I leave with the car and bam AGAIN, the car starts smoking… I then complained, and logged a complaint. They phoned me and told me to bring the car back AGAIN, which I did, this is now the 4th time! And guess what?.. Yes, you guessed right… The car is smoking again. This is a workshop, from Bosch brand, a so called brand that are experts on automative repairs? I then get annoyed, because like any customer, 4 times in the workshop and still issues, phone them, the conversation ends in a screaming match between myself and the dealer, and he has the audacity to ask why I didn't return the car back to his workshop… Now, let's be logic… If a workshop can't fix the issue, what is your first impression of this workshop… It's: "They dont know how to fix it, they don't know what they're doing" . So I would be very very very careful of this workshop and avoid at all costs, otherwise, you'll end up like me, dissatisfied and having to deal with their arrogant tones and paying double the costs, because I have taken it to another workshop of another brand for them to resolve.

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