About 2 weeks ago my sister-in-law and I went to sign up for a basic month to month membership, Blake, the sales person signing us up for our membership lied the whole time we were sitting in front of him. He told us we would have a $0 signup fee, but instead he ended up taking out $100 out of my card and $220 out of my sister-in-law's card. He made us sign off on our "contract" BEFORE it was even shown to us. I basically signed off on something I DID NOT see until after my signature was already taken.

After finally going home that same day, I read over the contract, I saw that they give you 7 days to cancel. I called and asked to cancel my membership. They denied it. I asked several times to speak to a manager, and not once did I ever get to speak to him because he was not in the office, nor he would "return" my call. 2 weeks later and NO call! I finally called corporate and spoke to 2 different people who absolutely did NOTHING about my issue. They gave me the excuse of "You signed the contract." They will not take fault for the bad employee who scammed us into this membership. Now I am suppose to be getting a call back from a VP. This gym is a total scam! They train the employees to sweet talk into something that sounds nice, until you see the final print! Horrible service! I will be taking legal action if my problem is not fixed!

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