Good afternoon,

My name is Gina Bishop and I joined the La Fitness location in Clark, NJ. I joined the Personal Training and membership. However, I need to cancel the personal training. I joined 10/4/2015. I asked if I needed to cancel, how would that work. I was told they need 30 days to cancel. Well I called and received the run around for a few days. Finally, I went there and was told that I had to go back when the person who signed me up, was there. I was trying to avoid being charged another $160.00. Well, I was charged again. I only used the Personal Training Svs 1 time. I would appreciate it if someone would call me back. I have a monetary obligation that I must fulfill and by doing so, I will not be able to continue to use a Personal Trainer. I can be reached at Home)

Thank you…

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