Joined the LA Fitness at 8502 Cooper Creek Blvd, University Park FL, 34201. I signed up for a monthly membership at $34.95 on Sept 30,2015. The manager I was working with was named. Stated it was a month to month contract and that I could cancel any month that I wanted. Then asked if I was interested in signing up for personal training. I stated "yes". Stated it was $360.00 for 1 month of personal training that consisted of 8 sessions. I stated to that I would try it for 1 month. Then asked me for my debit / credit card. I gave it to and he charged me $360.00 for 1 month of personal training.

On November 5,2015 called me and stated he needed my credit card number again to charge me $360.00 for personal training. I gave it to him. After getting off the phone I remember that I paid in full and wondered why he was charging me again. I called back and asked him why he was charging me again and he stated "The new $360.00 charge is for the new month." I stated that "I already paid you when I signed up." And he stated "You signed up for 52 weeks." I said "No I didn't." He said "Yes you did". I said "You verbally told me it was for a month." While talking to I remembered that he never gave me a copy of the personal training contract. He said "I will get it to you later." I have searched the internet and see that this is a common practice at LA Fitness to scam people into signing up for a year of personal training when they think they are signing up for a month.

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