You need to start telling people at this gym to put their weights away. They leave the leg press constantly loaded with 800 pounds or more and then just walk away. I can't even imagine what their house — room looks like, because they probably and always will live with somebody who pampers them. I saw an older woman just walk up the other day and walk off… Frustrated. It is not fair. Either that or hire one of your guys to go and walk the place hourly or less. It seems like you have plenty of memberships. My boyfriend and I pay good money to go to your place, but are considering going ANYWHERE. I used to manage a gym myself, and everyone in there knew if the plates were on the machine, someone is using it. It is common courtesy. I swear I am not one to complain, but it really is to the point I am looking at anything… Even Anytime Fitness. Signs won't do it. They usually can't read because they are so busy looking at themselves in the mirror. Sorry. But this is true. How about putting a sign on leg press especially, saying "Take off your weights"? 93001 area code. Please do something.

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