I made the mistake of visiting the Sarasota, FL store to pick out the furniture. The sales lady was very helpful and wrote the pricing on the back of her card. After making several phone calls to her to place the order it seemed I always called on her day off. I work in Bradenton, FL and noticed that location during a lunch break. Their sales person did not agree with the pricing on the furniture I selected and convinced me it had to be a totally different brand. I asked her several times to call the Sarasota store and even gave her the location of furniture. She was positive it was the furniture she selected for me. Rough day at the store since they were remodeling and it was loud, messy and very annoying. I was in a rush and signed the paperwork KNOWING the sales lady would ask the Sarasota store.

6 weeks later the wrong furniture and wrong color was delivered. They will not replace or admit the issue was a mistake. It is so obvious what happened and now they will replace ONLY if I pay $700 more, even though the Sarasota saleswomen agreed that the wrong furniture was ordered. All I hear is brand names was written down and I signed it. I visited 7 furniture stores that day and was very excited to see what I wanted at La-Z-Boy. I am extremely disappointed and will have to return the merchandise and fight the contract.

Customer service is something I do every day in a apartment community in Bradenton. WE sign $15,000-$20,000 contracts daily and I do everything possible to keep them satisfied. It is quite obvious the La-Z-Boy family in Bradenton does not realize the concept. I am not paying $4,677 for furniture that does not match. Black leather with Weatherford entertainment center and end table (which is a white wash shabby chic driftwood color).

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