I recently purchased a recliner from your store in Silverdale WA. I am not one to, but I think that I received the worst customer service of my life from your local store. I purchased the chair on the 25th of Sept. And just received my chair today (11/06/2015). Approximately 3 weeks ago I stopped by to check on the status of the chair. The person that was at the counter at the time asked me who the salesman was and when I told him he stated that he would be in to work in a few hours and asked if I could come back. This got me a little angry and he finally conceded had looked on the computer.

After looking at the empty space that my new chair would occupy for an additional 3 weeks I decided to stop by on my way home from work. I checked on status of my chair and the saleswoman said that it was in the back room (shocker). Evidently I was not contacted because my original salesman's wife just had a baby. Is it your companies policy that I can only deal with the person that sold me the chair or is it a local policy since only the sales person that sold me the chair is going to get the commission? To be completely honest I could care less, just curious. I also realize that I wasn't making a purchase that would furnish my entire home, but for $1141.34 I expected at least an attempt at a little customer service. Maybe I am asking for too much. Thank you for your time.

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