One of the reasons for purchasing our recliner a few years ago was the lifetime warranty that came with it. When we started to have problems with it recently and called to have it fixed we were surprised that while the parts were under warranty we would be responsible for payment of the service fee. Being that I'm handy I was able to reassemble the part that had broken and all was well… Until it wasn't.

While recovering from a recent surgery that required me to sleep in a recliner (or similar position) the same problem reoccurred. However this time the part was so badly broken that there was no saving it. I called La-Z-Boy to see about having the part sent to me. They weren't able to find the part initially based on the part number because they aren't able to search that way. I was never given any paperwork on the parts or the schematic of the chair assembly so I did my best to describe it for the person on the phone. She was finally able to determine that it was the 3 position lock and the new one was on its way in the mail along with some hardware that I'd likely need.

Less than a week later I received the part and compared it to the broken one. At first glance it looked right even though the part number was different and it was black instead of grey. I took the broken piece off and tried in vain to get the new part on. It wouldn't clip on the way the old one did. Upon further inspection the part was very different and there was no way that I would be able to get this part to work on my chair. Upset and frustrated I called customer service and spoke to the parts department about the incorrect part.

The first thing I was asked was what lead me to believe that I had been sent the wrong part. I couldn't believe that they were implying that I was wrong or trying to pull something over on them. I explained that since the part number was different, it didn't fit, and it looked different. I was pretty sure that I had the wrong part. As a courtesy they were going to send me another 3 position lock. This time they looked up my chair (which I assumed they had done the first time as well) and were adamant that I would be sent a part that would work.

A week and a half later I finally get the delivery and am beyond disappointed to receive the same exact part. I called the next morning. After 35 minutes on hold and speaking with customer service I'm told that someone will have to call me back while they look into it. I gave them my phone number since it was my husband's number on the account and wait a day and a half for their return call. Which of course went to my husband who works a demanding job that rarely affords him the opportunity to take calls during the day. They left a message and suggested that we send photos along with an email to their general customer service email address.

The following morning I sent the pictures of both parts with a request for the right part with instructions or the opportunity to have the service fee waived and have a technician installed the parts. 5 days has passed with not so much as a generic response. We now have a chair the functions only as a chair and not a recliner. It's a good thing that I am recovered enough at this point where I no longer need to sleep in the chair…

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