We did a special order on a Power Couch, Manual Loveseat and a Power Recliner XR. The Couch and loveseat are great but of course not where I sit. I ordered this recliner by the one they had in the Showroom and it was not in by any means like the one there. The day after delivery I went back to store and sat in the Showroom recliner and it is not like the one I received. After doing as they requested, give it a little while to relax like the one in store. So I did. After giving time for this I called and they sent a serviceman out and I showed my problems with chair. He agreed with me about the neck support pushing out my shoulders, not my neck.

After waiting for about 2 more weeks. I get a call back and complained further. They sent the serviceman back out again. Same story different trip. At this point he said give them 2 more weeks for a call. I was contacted by the Store at that point and told that the recliner after being measured meets all their requirements and there is nothing they can do about it. I am 57 years old and when I make purchases like Cars, furniture and most anything it has to catch my eye, but first and foremost it has the fit me. So sad that a business like La-Z-Boy doesn't practice Satisfaction guaranteed. Since I paid $1399.98 for a recliner I can't stand, and that is with cloth. Not even a leather chair.

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