We purchased a sofa, loveseat and swivel rocker/recliner from our local store. We spent a lot of money, but figured the La-Z-Boy brand should offer more durable pieces. We even purchased an extended warranty from the Guardsman group. Within a year and a half, the dark brown leather began fading to a pinkish hue. We called our local store and they directed us to the company from which we purchased the extended warranty. Neither La-Z-Boy nor the Guardsman group would even send a rep out to inspect our furniture. Repeated efforts with both companies fell on deaf ears. Our furniture is now only 5 years old and needs to be replaced. I am so disappointed with La-Z-Boy quality and their failure to back their product. I am pissed that I was conned into purchasing the extends warranty which I was told would cover ANYTHING. We will NEVER buy from La-Z-Boy again. Absolutely one of the worst consumer interactions in my life.

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