In regards to the Blountstown Hwy, location in Tallahassee, Fl—Receptionist very unprofessional. Upon ariving and signing in, I asked to use the restroom. The receptionist said that I needed to have a seat and she would call for me later because she was about to do a drug screen. I told her that I really needed to use the restroom. No response. I took a seat and noticed that when the receptionist returned to her desk, she never addressed my need
to use the restroom. I returned to the service desk and informed her again that I needed to use the restroom. She then said that the reason I wasn't allowed to do so was because I might have been there for a drug screening and may not have been able to provide a sample if I went earlier. A simple look at the paperwork from the doctor's office would have shown her that I was just there for bloodwork. Very unprofessional and inconsiderate of a 62 yr old who had ridden 20 miles to have bloodwork performed. Also staff didn't seem to care how long the customers had to wait.

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