My first time at LabCorp was one I will remember. The lady at the desk was so rude and abnoxcious. When I gave her my Doctors name I was yelled at and told there were three of them. She repeated all three names so everyone could hear and I know his name very well and did not need the tudoring. They refused to give me her name until I demanded to know. Alicia acted like she hated her job. When I was brought in the back it went from bad to worse. The technician with frosted hair and the smokers voice notices my Yankee tattoo and tells me she should cut my leg off before jabbing me with this needle. I asked her what the problem was and goes on to tell me how she hates all the Yankees that come down from the closing I am a 59 year old man not a 80 year old patient. My simple blood test at the Sprig Hill Fl location should have been that, simple.
Mariner and County Line Road will be hearing from my Doctor.
Thank You for taking the time to read this since I have never complained about any service in my life.

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