They lost 3 luggages and they didn't care. They took my phone and never called me. I am still waiting and not even a courtesy call. I learn from my friends that are frequents travelers that this became very normal for Lan Chile to lose luggages and not to take urgent actions. One of my friend received one week after. I travelled for years with Lan and used to be good, but now it is exactly as their partner American Airlines. Last year I also have a problem. They cancelled the morning departing because they didn't have enough passenger and I had to wait another 6 hours (Took me almost 2 days from Canada to Cordoba, Argentina). Also their seat are wore out. I had to put 2 pillow on my butt because was painful to be sitting many hours on a piece of wood. Of course, this is the last time I travel with this airline, year after year is turning to be more garbage.

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