We purchased a Range Rover Sport in March 2015 and we have had issues since we bought it. License plate fell off while driving 3 times even after we took it back on day 2 of owning it and they said it wouldn't come off again. That was fun to find. Week 3 of ownership the check engine light came on. Took it in to have it serviced and was told it was just an oxygen sensor and they had fixed it. Week 4 of ownership, check engine light back on, back in for service for 3 days and they said they fixed it but may need to order an oxygen sensor if it comes back on.

Week 8 of ownership I was sitting at a stop light. When the light turned green the car would not go and showed a display of put in drive (or something similar), the car was in drive. I had to shut the car off and it still wouldn't engage in drive. I put the car in low gear and got it off the road. After a little while I started the car and it went back in gear. Called the dealer and they said it would have to go completely out for them to be able to do anything and that it must have been a glitch. This happened 3 more times. Week 12 of ownership display won't respond to touch until car is off and restarted.

After 6 months of owning the car the "coolant low" alert shows up and the check engine light is back on. Back in for service. They change the oxygen sensor and tell me that my water pump needs to be changed and that my car needed an update that would fix the display issue and the car not going into drive. Went to dealership because my car is in for service again. Thought we would trade it in to get rid of the thing. They say they can't certify it is a pre owned special because of all the issues and it will take them forever to get the issues fixed.

I'm losing money. An $80K car should last longer than 6 months. Why should I lose money when the car they sold me is a POC? Land Rover should pay off my car and give me back my down payment in full. I was warned that Land Rover wasn't the quality that I was looking for but I liked the car and decided to give it a chance. I learned my lesson the hard way.

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