I was happy with the first appointment set with Landmark. The plumber they sent out was great. They handled everything great on the first claim. The second appointment I call back, I was not happy. The drainer in the bathroom they fix the first time just started leaking. I came back home, missed my work, and my son was there. It looked a makeshift where they taped the piece of pipe up and leaned it against the furnace.

I called for the leak to be fixed again and said, "This is absolutely ridiculous". They said, "Well the plumber said that would work". I've never seen anything taped to a furnace and wedged underneath a piece of pipe under the bathtub before. It looked really, really half-done job. I don't want to slam Landmark. They were really good to me. It's just when I called to question them taping a piece of pipe against my furnace, I was surprised that they said that the plumber said that was sufficient.

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