I have been in severe pain for 2 months throughout my body. I have had to in my life. I have been to see a pain management doctor. I have been to see an orthopedic surgeon and now they are recommending me to a neurosurgeon. I made a consultation with Laser Spine Institute because I had heard good things about them. I understand that they can not help everyone which they could not help me. They said there really was not a lot going on with the lower lumbar section. My previous Dr were saying that we could start looking towards the neck area because I was also having pain in my arms and hands. Laser Spine Institute did not mention anything about that.

Our consultant told us at least three times "Well you have been in pain for ONLY 2 months." 2 months is a lifetime when you are in severe pain and can't work barely even walk. That left us so upset that they would be so uncaring. They recommended that I do physical therapy or see a chiropractor. I do have an appointment with a chiropractor now so I will give that a chance of course. It is just the way that we were dealt with while we were there that we were so upset with. Very uncaring person. Would not recommend them to my worst enemy.

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