I am having my wages garnished every paycheck 300 plus. All of sudden they also cleaned out my bank account. I called to try to get answers and the guy that answers the phone was rude and basically said "Well you defaulted on your loan and you have to pay!" I said I understand, but I want to know why it was taken out of my check and bank at the same time? He said "If you can pay us at least 2000 right now we will stop everything!" I said I am getting my wages garnished because I cannot pay that amount. He then said "Well I can't help you!" I called back asked to speak to a manager, he transferred me to his own voicemail. I have already paid 5200 and they still do not want to work with me! I do not know what to do! They are rude, condescending. I don't understand if they are willing to close my account with 2000, why cant they close it if I have paid 5200 already?

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