We booked flights on American Airlines and even though we arrives ontime we waited in the luggage checkin line too long and missed out time to check the bags. So as a reault we missed our flight. American was going to refund us the money but because we booked through smartfares.com the webste this company operates business out of they could not refund us and asked us to call LBH directly. The service rep was indian and he got rude and told me "why would they refund us the money vbecause it was our fault we missed the flight" i told him what was said between american nd us and he said there was nothing they could do and yhen hung up on me. We went back to the american checkin and was able to work out an alternative so that was fixed. Because of the change in flight plans and destination we had to change our car reservations. LBH charged us a 71.00 booking fee and when i called again tey took 17 mins to find the car reservation and then told no refund and sorry just dont show up and you wont be charged. He then hung up on me when i questioned the 71.00 fee again. We needed to get the reservation modified so I called enterprise directly and they found our reservation said nothing would have been charged if went through them directly and the kindly moved our reservation to the new airport location. From now on we will neve use. Booking site and only book directly through the company. All people were helpful except the LBH travel. This company is sneaky and their customer service is horrible.

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