Lenovo is by far the worst company i have ever in my life dealt with. I would never ever ever ever recommend a lenovo product. I ordered a Lenovo Yoga with extra warranty and protection, on the first day of using it, the Y key didnt work all the time, the volume did not turn all the way up, and the brightness didnt work. I initiated a return and received a free replacement per my warranty shortly after. (i did not return the defective one yet because i was waiting to return it in the box that the new one arrived in) fast forward: i received my replacement and took it out of the box and it has the same issues. The volume and random keys do not work all the time. The brightness level is not able to be changed, my screen was so dark that i couldnt use it at night in bed! I gave up and initiated a return. I spoke to Shane in customer service who told me to just put both laptops in the same box, with both return labels on the box and that it would be fine to return. So that is what i did. The next day i received a charge on my credit card for the laptop because i didnt return it! Are u serious? It has been less than 10 days! So i received a charge for the full price of BOTH laptops – over $1900. Thats my rent money they are withholding. About 1 week later i received a refund for ONE of the laptops. I called them. HOW CAN I RECEIVE A REFUND FOR ONE LAPTOP AND NOT THE OTHER WHEN THEY WERE IN THE SAME BOX?! They said they didnt know what was going on… This whole process went on for 2 months before i did a chargeback. I was more than patient. I was trying to give them a chance. But please dont!

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