Slovak Lenovo service (marsan. Sk) I asked to replace a broken FAN & swap disk for a new one. They told me that "part is not available". No comments, no way how to proceed further. Just not possible.

I asked in Austrian Lenovo and they responded within 2 days, that they found the part for 60Euros and if they can place the order. I appreciate their helpfulness, but I bought the part later on for 10Euros myself, after 15 minute searching.

I have brought the new parts together with Notebook to Lenovo authorized service. Their opening hours are just Mo-Fr 9-18:00. Exactly when most of the working people (who can afford to pay for notebook service) are at work. That's general problems with service companies – they offer service when no customer needs it. I cannot get out of the office in the middle of the day to spend 1-2 hours at the other end of town where the Lenovo service resides. I will not take vacation either – just to simply pick a notebook from repair shop!

I tried to come at 9:05, hoping to pick my Notebook and leave quickly and not to be late to work more than hour. Howev, 9:05 their billing sysstem is not booted yet – and it won't be in next hour. So you work 9-18, but your system boots only at 10.

At the end they have decided to send me the notebook via post service (!) notoriously known for the mishandling of the packages.

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