I'm not sure if Sterling McCall Lexus Houston intentionally lies, or if the staff is just under-trained and misinformed.

I leased a Lexus GX 460, and the finance office offered to sell me a tire replacement warranty. I specifically queried the finance manager to make sure this was a REPLACEMENT ONLY warranty, like the tire warranty I had on my
previous BMW, and not a `repair or replacement' warranty. The price for the Lexus warranty was $2099.00, so it would certainly not be worth the money if the warranty was not replacement only (you can get `repair or replacement' warranties at most large tire stores, like Discount Tire, and the price is usually no more than $30.00 per tire).

Unfortunately, I trusted the word of the finance manager, thinking that this is a high-end dealer and they would not have deceptive sales tactics. Wrong!!! Now Sterling McCall Lexus Houston says that the warranty I purchased is `repair or replacement.'

Sterling McCall Lexus Houston was unwilling to refund the money for the warranty, so that I could purchase an independent replacement only warranty; the only thing they offered was to refund $600 of the warranty, on the grounds that I've already had the use of the warranty for two years! When I complained that they misrepresented the warranty they offered, they just said well, that's the warranty they had at the time, and they have changed the company they use for the warranties, because they didn't understand what that company was offering!

After numerous messages to the general manager I have still gotten no response. I keep getting pawned off on other managers who say they cannot or are unwilling to make this right.

This is not the first incident I've had with Sterling McCall, there was another incident at one at their sister stores in Clear Lake. Both dealerships are owned
by Group 1 Automotive, and you might think that this is the fault of Group 1, rather than the fault of these two individual dealerships, but Group 1 is also the owner of the very BMW dealership I used previously, which went out of their way to make sure that customer satisfaction was a first priority. So the problem is with Lexus itself.

I love my past two Lexus SUVs, but this is sure to be my last one, now that I know how Lexus allows their `independent dealers" to conduct business. There was no help after multiple calls to Lexus itself—they do not stand behind the brand and make things right for customers who have no success with their `independent dealers'.

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