I called LG customer service to fix my LG dryer which has a noisy spin before its power went out. I called and the service guy went out and replace the panel for the cost of $185. The service told me that warranty is for 30 days. I noticed the guy did not fix the noise from the dryer.

After he left, my dryer did not spin. I called back to LG customer service and reported the spin problem. One of the supervisor agreed to fix with no cost. But when the service man came to fix the dryer and ask for the authorized approval from LG. The LG customer service decline to give me a free service. I don't want to pay for another $185.

I DON"T TRUST LG anymore, especially the customer service department. I will never buy any LG product anymore. Will not recommend to my friends or relatives.

I will buy other brand name dryer. If I can give them a zero star rating, and I give them.

DO NOT CALL LG for Service!!! November, 2015

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