I purchased an LG LUV350P vacuum cleaner a little over 2 years ago. It has worked fairly well up until about a month ago. The cleaner developed a problem (the compressor arm stopped rotating) requiring warranty service. The warranty experience HAS NOT BEEN SATISFACTORY!

To obtain warranty repairs from LG, the vacuum cleaner must be sent to their repair facility using a specific box provided by LG. Obtaining the box takes several days and customers are advised repairs will take 7-10 business days after the product is received by the repair center.

The cleaner was sent to the repair facility as instructed. The repair was done and the cleaner was returned. When the cleaner was unpacked I found the cleaner had been damaged (broken plastic). I contacted LG customer service who initiated a new warranty process which of course, required another box (several more days).

As of this writing, the vacuum cleaner has been at the repair facility in excess of 12 working days. After the last two phone calls with LG customer service (both involving lengthy hold times), I am completely frustrated. The most recent call was a complete waste of time, once the customer service representative came back on the line, all he could tell me was that they had sent an email (to whom I don't know) and I could expect a call with an update sometime in the next 24 to 48 hours… So a minimum of one to two more days!

WE ARE APPROACHING 1 MONTH WITHOUT A VACUUM CLEANER! LG does not seem to understand or care about the fact most people do not have back up vacuum cleaners laying around. I paid just under $400 for this machine and one of the main considerations involved the 5 year warranty. Obtaining warranty service from LG has been inconvenient and time consuming. A warranty is only as good as the service behind it. LG has seriously dropped the ball and has been unable to provide any meaningful information regarding the status of the repair… Something folks might want to consider when making future purchasing decisions.

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