My LG Nexus 5 phone had problem with other side not able to hear me. I called up AT&T a hundred times, visited their stores, changed sim card, reset the phone. Eventually it turned out to hardware issue which LG customer care accepted right away. Why would you sell a faulty product, then not apologize about me having to shout at the top of my lungs for over a year. Now I have to ship the product, pay for repairs, and pay for ship back. Because of this problem I eventually had to discard my cellphone case and it fell today and shattered like glass. This single product has left me wondering if I have been a fan of the correct thing all my life.'life is good'? No more. My last call with customer care was nightmarish – LG was angry at me. I should ship, wait for tech guy to call and tell me an estimate of time and money, kept repeating tech guy will call. Without estimate, how can one send phone for 15-30 days? Lousy service, strange people in cust support.

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