This is about the LG g4 I'm very disappointed with this phone I've been with LG for a very long time but for some reason you try taking a picture while you're in the sunlight its distorted don't matter what you do to fix it picture so don't come out my lg 90 never did that never have the problems I'm having with the g4 I wish I never traded my I wish I never traded my lg 90 in for this g4 I'm very disappointed it freezes it turns its location on whenever it wants at the shut it off turn it back on this phone is not even a month old very disappointed and I will never buy another LG phone in my life again I will I'm going to Samsung or Motorola screw you LG and now I will stop buying all LG products pretty sad because I work for a cell phone company and we have LG products but I won't recommend them to anybody because of the experience I have with them and there's no fixing it I will replace your phone but we're going to give you a refurbished phone why when I bought a new phone and it didn't work but you're going to give me an hour or refurbished phone that I have to pay on $28 a month really very disappointed very unhappy and I'm sick of it

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