Bought LRE3083ST three days ago. I have an in home bakery so I need a top of the line oven. I thought LG had great quality ranges then come to find out that they are advertising and marketing all of their ranges as a true convection. None of the Rangers are true convections. None of them have the third element behind the fan. After calling the corporate executive offices in Alabama I was told that they would file my complaint to the appropriate people but don't count on anything being done.

I tried to use the range for the first time by placing a few breads in the oven on the first try and then a few pies on the second try. The bread on the top rack got completely burnt and the bottoms were all in the bottom rack of breads. The top of the breads were Raw and the bottoms were burnt. Thinking that this was a defective range I had the store where I purchased it from bring me out another range. Three days later and three ranges later the same thing was happening.

When I called LG today to let them know that half of my products were wrong and not baking correctly and the other half of my products were burning they said to me "since you're using the oven to make items for customers we are now going to void your warranty." "Why are you voiding my warranty" I asked. Teresa the corporate executive explain to me that I'm using my oven for commercial purposes. I told her it doesn't matter where the oven is located. First off it's located in my house. She told me even though the oven is located at my house if I am putting items into the oven and then turning around and selling them that then voids my warranty. Although that is stated no where on their website nor in their owners manual. I was then told that if I wanted to obtain legal action to go ahead. Their attorneys are much more qualified and they have more money than I do so good luck.

I tried filing a complaint with the attorney general's office and the Better Business Bureau but unfortunately because their corporate office is located in Korea and not in the United States I am stuck in the water. So I have an oven that is brand-new only two days old and I am stuck with it. Nothing I can do. The store won't take it back & LG won't cover it so I'm now out a ton of money.

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