I bought the washer in June of 2013 and had issues right away. It would never put in enough water to get the clothes clean. My husband works with cattle and his clothes get dirty. After the Heavy Duty cycle, the clothes would come out with mud. Always have to use the Bulky/Bedding cycle. Machine would freeze up and finally wouldn't reset.

They replaced the control board and found a wire that was never installed correctly so sometimes it would connect and sometimes not. Now just this month it would constantly be uneven and finally froze up. It was the main part under the drum that controls the machine that went out. Only 2 years old and this is the machine I am stuck with. Thankfully I bought a 5 year extended warranty with it. Once that is up, I will not buy another. Cycles take forever. You get the UE Uneven Code a lot with towels. It is not water efficient when it will constantly refill to make it even, spin and do it over again because it is still uneven.

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