I remodeled my kitchen and used all stainless steel LG appliances in my kitchen and have add issues with ALL of them. I will always advise friends not to buy LG appliances. The knobs, all five, on my LG stove broke almost immediately and they are $75.00 ea. To replace. I will not buy these knobs because the inside is plastic and will break again and at $75.00 ea. It is too expensive to have to keep replacing them. I have had to replace the motherboard on my dishwasher. The handle on the microwave broke off and now my French door refrigerator went out. Could be the fuse, which was replaced, or the condenser which means I have to buy a new refrigerator. I have tried contacting both Home Depot and the manufacturer directly with no success. These appliances are made in South Korea and are made rather shabbily… Look good on the outside but the insides suck. Don't buy these appliances. Shame on Home Depot!

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