Oh boy!!! Thank goodness i read these reviews. A few weeks ago i cooked spaghetti and the lg micro above the stove stopped working – control panel out except for: showing.inside light still on. Left it alone and next morning i played around with door. Voila – number 8 came up on its own. Then one by one things began working again. Last night i cooked spaghetti again. Yep – did it again. Mind you – i am NOT using the micro to cook. But the micro gets so hot from the oven and i believe overheats the micro panel. Again, i unplugged it and went to bed.

This morning it again took some fiddling and eventually a beep. So i was able to turn on the light (my main purpose in needing it to work – i need a light on that side of the kitchen). So i reset the time, etc. But as i am reading these scary reviews, the number 2 just popped onto the screen. After reading these reviews, i know it will eventually stop all together. But why i am SO glad that i read these comments is that i will now unplug it whenever i go out or go to bed at night. LG needs to step up to the plate and do a mass recall with a free replacement of another brand until they can get it right. Obviously no one wants another one of these. Who is with me on a class action suit?

Thank you all for taking the time to report the extreme dangers of this unit. You probably just saved my house from burning down!!

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