Stay Away from LG. Very very bad and worst experience from the LG customer service. I bought this TV (LG 55UV9500) from Frys store in Dec 2014. It worked excellent for 4 months and all of sudden the display stopped working however we can hear the voice and we see some dull image. Tried reaching out to customer care, from this point we started hearing surprise news.

Actually, I brought this TV in San Jose, CA and took it to India and learned LG don't cover the warranty outside the united states. Tried requesting for international warranty for additional price but they don't have that concept at all (unfortunately LG is international brand). But, LG is agreed for supporting if any issues in abroad with local customer care. However, we were learned that local support doesn't get parts to fix the issue and they were tried failing to place order for the part. Waited for almost 6 months now and there is no resolution till now. Just waste of money. I would strongly not recommend to go with LG.

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