We purchased a 47LN5400 two years ago. It worked very well up until two weeks ago. We called LG Customer Service that took us through a diagnostic that was useless (we had tried the same actions on our own prior to calling LG). So the rep gave me two repair company names to contact. When the repair person got here, he tried the remote and the TV turned on instantly to our surprise.

That night, we attempted to turn on the TV and it wouldn't respond so we called to have the repair guy come back out. At the second appointment, the repair guy replaced the motherboard and the TV turned, responded. Not even five minutes after the repair man left, my husband wanted to show me how well the TV worked now and lo and behold, it wouldn't turn on. We called the repair guy immediately so he could turn around and come back. When he got here, he told us there was nothing he could do and needed to take it to the repair shop. We've already spent $320 and still don't have a working television. Two year old TVs should not be having this problem.

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