We purchased our first and last LG appliance and 30 days after the one year warranty had expired the fridge and freezer totally broke down. The unit was just over a year old, brand new. Well I called LG and because it was over the year they said for a tech to come out to my house would cost a lot of money and only the compressor would be covered and I would have to pay for the tech to come to the house. I contacted Direct Energy and they sent a tech with their program they have. I lost over $1,000 worth of food. I was without a fridge freezer for over 21 days.

LG is very selective about their parts who they give them to, but to wait 21 days with 2 small kids and no fridge freezer it's crazy. Well finally everything was fixed for 30 days and the fridge freezer broke down again and the ice maker ice melted all over the floor. Once again called a tech, I had just restocked my fridge and freezer again and lost everything. Apparently the rule bet membrane around the freezer is loose, the ice maker has to be replaced and the fridge stopped working. The unit I purchased from LG was over $3,800.00. What a wasted of money LG products are. Do not waste your money or time. We will see if it ever gets fixed.

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